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Fish Bulletin & Fish Catch Statistics

The California Department of Fish and Game's Fish Bulletin is a core resource for the study of fish and fisheries in California. Continuously published as a monographic series since 1913, but slowing down publication in recent years, the Fish Bulletin contains in-depth monographs on a variety of topics, primarily marine, and also including some non-fish marine species. Some Fish Bulletin titles are of specialized interest to scientists, state officials, and those with fishery management interests. Many Fish Bulletin titles however are of general public interest, constituting general works on marine species. These general interest titles cover marine fish (including specific titles on sardine, grunion, halibut, tuna, etc), sharks, sea lions, clams/mussels, abalone, squid, historical shore whaling, historical commercial fishing, etc.

Fish Catch Statistics

The California Department of Fish and Game Fish Catch Statistics are available through the UC San Diego Library's Digital Collections site.

For summary statistics and data from 1987-1999, see Fish Bulletin No. 181.

Fish Bulletins