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Nova Expedition, 1967

This expedition used two ships, R/V HORIZON and R/V ARGO to explore the southwest Pacific. Previous expeditions carried data in paper form home in suitcases, but this expedition was able to produce new maps of the Pacific while still at sea. The crew and scientists included men and women from 25 countries. They investigated the drift of continents and the expansion of the seafloor in Melanesia. Deep trenches in the ocean near Fiji were found to be the site of frequent submarine earthquakes.

Steven Oboler, Thomas M. Church, and Robert Brennen on Argo carrying a gravity core on deck
Tasman Sea, ARGO, 1967 [Dale Newhouse falls on Argo deck awash]
Argo exchanging seismic records. People on the two ships photograph each other and shout friendly insults as though they had been separated for months instead of days.

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