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Antipode Expedition, 1970-1971

R/V MELVILLE departed San Diego on her maiden cruise on Antipode Expedition on February 14, 1970 enroute to Osaka. The expedition undertook a deep-sea geological-geophysical exploration of the western and northwestern Pacific and north and western Indian Oceans. Its purpose was to survey twenty five sites for deep sea drilling, but its stated goal was to study the age and movement of vast ocean bottom crustal masses in light of the sea-floor spreading hypothesis.

Seychelles, 1971 [Men working on equipment on R/V Melville]
Ceylon Polynerua, Melville Shots, 1971 [Doorway at Historical Site]
Kite balloon on R/V Melville. Antipode Expedition. Indian Ocean, June 1971-August 1973. n.d.
Sailboat viewed from R/V Melville. Antipode Expedition, Indian Ocean, June 1971-August 1973. n.d.

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 Letters, clippings and ship's logs available in the UC San Diego Library Digital Collections