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Gulf of California Expedition, 1940

During the fall of 1940, the E.W. SCRIPPS returned to the Gulf of California in an expedition funded by the Geological Society of America and Scripps Institution of Oceanography and led by Roger Revelle and Francis P. Shepard. The expedition studied the geologic processes active in the Gulf through coordinated investigations of the recent geologic history of the land, of the bottom topography and sediments, and of the nature of the marine environment. The 1940 expedition concentrated on Guaymas, the Carmen Island area in the western gulf, Concepcion Bay and Tiburon. 

[The Allen bottle in use]
[Man and radio aboard R/V E.W. Scripps ]
[J.C. Roque aboard R/V E.W. Scripps]
[Two men play chess aboard R/V E.W. Scripps]

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